John Wonderly Architectural Woodworking was founded in Springboro, Ohio in 1988.

Ten years prior to establishing his company, John worked as a finish carpenter

installing stairs using manufactured parts. His passion for the art of

stair building and consistent pursuit for the highest quality led to the

creation of his own company. 

Here he had a vision to combine design, engineering and artisanship into his

woodworking and thus, elevated stair building to an art form.

Through this vision, a railing system was developed that is so unique, he

received a U.S. patent. Additionally, he has been recognized with

several national awards throughout his career.



In 1979, John Wonderly traveled to Boston for a week to research architecture and wood work in historical buildings. It was there that he entered the Old State House and was captivated by this grand staircase built in 1713. After a day of studying its intricate design, the inspiration to become a master stair builder was solidified.


  • the workshop

    In order to insure the highest level of quality and efficiency, great effort was taken to design and construct the workshop to utilize a "work cell" processing system incorporating the finest German machinery available. The building is totally climate controlled year round in order to protect the wood's stability. Even special print proof lighting is used to allow for the selection of the best color and grain pattern in the wood. 


    John is a self-taught master woodworker and stair builder. His interest in this trade has been part of his life since childhood. He excels in making the finest in the industry using his God-given gift. John's attention to detail and unwavering quest for honesty and integrity in all business transactions makes him the highest caliber tradesman. John loves spending time with his family and enjoys hunting, fishing, wilderness camping and playing hockey. He has coached Special Olympics programs for 12 years.


    Matt has a Bachelor's degree in fine arts from Bowling Green University and a Master's degree in ceramics from Penn State University.  He has used his talent and passion to create with his hands and has become a gifted and detailed wood worker. He has apprenticed under John since 2014. Matt enjoys spending time with his family and is involved in church activities when not learning the trade.